What I’ve Been Reading: April 2010

by Alex on April 30, 2010

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I thought I would try a new ‘summary’ post to list some of my month’s reading. Right now, it’s purely for my own reference – but in time, others will hopefully find it useful. The problem is, I’ve only just thought of this idea so this month will be a little thin!

Steve Jobs: Flash is no longer necessary – Could turn out to be a turning-point  for Flash developers globally. Worth noting if you have visions of a flash website in future.

Google adds Buzz suggest to Local Search – Who said Buzz was a poor man’s Twitter? Perhaps Google have bigger plans for their new social media platform. Maybe in spite of Twitter not selling out. Either way, it’s not like they don’t have the funds to compete…

Alan Hansen reveals what most people think of Tottenham Hotspurs – Well, of course. ;)

How Google Might Be Rating Users – Bill Slawski covers this hot topic within the industry at the moment, and it’s something I’m very much keeping an eye on. It could have bearing on your success when it comes to local search ranking factors – and more importantly the potential need to start winning testimonials from your customers.

To expand on this last bit of reading, it might be worth being aware of this article in reference to the hReview micro-format. Being ahead of the competition is a good thing, so if your business model is reliant on reviews you may want to start considering how your company can begin integrating globally recognized formats to segregate reviews that would otherwise just be more text in amongst your other copy.

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