What I’ve Been Reading: July 2010

by Alex on August 10, 2010

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Advanced Website Architecture – Structure plays a major part in the accessibility and ‘crawlability’ of your website, and once in place it’s difficult to change. These notes from SMX Seattle outline some quick pointers to follow.

5 Tips On How To Promote Your Brand On Spotify – How to get your voice heard across the amazing Spotify music network.

Win With Web Metrics – Industry genius, Avinash Kaushik, explains the links between web metrics and your bottom-line net profit.

How To Value SEO (PDF) – An awesome white paper that explains the value of a first page ranking. Recommended to me via Kevin Gibbons on Twitter.

The Daftpunk Helmet In 749 Steps – A video shared by a friend on Twitter. It’s every boys dream helmet!

DIY White Board – Well, I’m taking the self-employed step, so I’m thinking of making my own simply because I want a huge white board to brainstorm on :)

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